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Advanced Roofing & Moisture Control – Testimonials & Praise – Salt Lake City, UT

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Advanced Moisture Control replaced our roof on our house last October and we were very impressed with their outstanding work from start to finish, as well as with follow-up afterwards.

The bid was very detailed and included pictures of specific areas that needed repair. We had some other bids as well. The price on Advanced Moisture Control’s bid was competitive, detailed and complete compared to the other bids. We understood the work that needed to be done and that the price was fair. There were details and suggestions about adding some vents and why they were necessary, as well as a lot of other details about our roof.

The crew doing the work was polite, competent, and they left the yard clean. One of the owners of the business came by several times during the installation to check on progress and confer with the crew.

We were happy with the finished roof. Also, this was the first winter we did not need to use a space heater in one particular room of the house. We’ve used a space heater in that room for 20 years. Last winter was colder so we think it was due to the roof being vented properly now; it certainly wasn’t due to a mild winter!

We had some leakage around a balcony into the garage this spring. Advanced Moisture Control came by and repaired it at no expense and in a professional, no-hassle manner for us.

We highly recommend Advanced Moisture Control to anyone who needs a roof or a moisture control system.

Tammy Radice

I just wanted to take a few minutes and write you to let you know I greatly appreciate the great work you, Mickey and your fellow employees did with the entire reroofing of my home from start to finish and then some additional help you generously provided subsequently. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and timeliness with the workmanship. Everything was as promised and then some. I wish you continued success. Many thanks.

Doug Foster, ChFC, CLU

I have been involved in the management of Commercial Properties for over 30 years. During this time I have used and worked with numerous Roofing Companies. However since becoming acquainted with Kelly Beck and using His company Advanced Moisture Control, Inc, for major roofing projects as well as numerous roof repairs the level of service is beyond compare with all the other companies I have used in my management career.

Kelly Beck is a professional who knows roofing and his vast experience has provided quality roofing repairs and replacements at reasonable cost. When asked for bids, he provides them in a timely manner with attention to detail as to the materials that will be used and how the materials will be applied.

Because of my experience with Kelly, I have founds him to be extremely honest and especially responsive when repairs are needed to stop damage to Tenant spaces and buildings. I highly recommend Kelly and his company because he will provide a quality products at a very competitive price. If there happens to be a problem after he has completed a job, he will get right on it to correct the situation.

In today’s world it is hard to find vendors who are honest, do quality work, and that you can depend on. Kelly, and his company can fill all these requirements and therefore I would recommend them and ask that you call me with any questions you may have concerning Kelly, his company, or bids.

Vincent E. Webb, ChFC, CLU

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Receive A
Free Quote

Then let’s schedule a consultation! We work around your schedule to ensure we do not interfere with daily routines and activities. For more information you can also give us a call!

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